Purchasing Procedure

Should you be interested in buying one of our homes, please submit a Request for Information through our website and one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 48 hours. We will discuss your requirements, provide a price indication and give you an approximate completion date for your project, subject to production schedules at the time of ordering. A deposit is required before construction can commence, with the balance payable prior to shipping.

Module Sizes

Nova Deko has adopted standard module sizes, primarily for shipping and transportation reasons. The module sizes are:
    – 6m x 2.4m
    – 6m x 3.4m
    – 12m x 2.4m
    – 12m x 3.4m

Customers need to keep this in mind when designing the homes for Nova Deko to produce.

Order Quantities

The real benefits of prefabrication are seen when production is standardised. The lowest prices are achieved when homes are produced in larger quantities. While Nova Deko is prepared to manufacture small volumes of the same unit, it needs to be understood that unit pricing may be higher than it would be for large quantities.


Nova Deko produces homes for various countries, each with unique standards and expectations in terms of design, materials, inclusions and finishes. Consequently, prices for the same size home may vary significantly between countries. So to avoid confusion, prices are not displayed on this website. For a quote on a home taking into account your specific requirements, please enquire via the Contact Us page.
Prices will be quoted on an ex-works basis. Purchasers can either make their own arrangements for shipping or Nova Deko can arrange it on their behalf. Special prices will be offered for volume buyers.

Before Purchasing

As standards and expectations will vary between countries or regions within countries, it would be helpful if customers could undertake the necessary research locally then discuss the requirements with the Nova Deko representative, so that we can make adequate provision in the pricing and eventual construction. Detailed plans and specifications would assist greatly in this process.


Production timeframes will vary according to the production schedule at the time. This can be discussed with the Nova Deko representative at the initial stage. Once you have ordered the home, we recommend that you use this period to obtain the necessary local approvals and prepare your site by laying foundations and connecting services, so that your home can be installed without delay.

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