Our story

'Pioneering the modular world'

Nova Deko draws its construction expertise back to 1988 with Australian construction company, Kerdic Homes. Kerdic has built thousands of homes, townhouses, apartments and completed large land subdivisions while winning multiple awards across the country. With soaring land and construction costs, many people across the world are unable to afford conventional houses. In 2004 Nova Deko was formed to find a solution to overcome the housing affordability crisis by constructing prebuilt modular solutions.

Through successful installations of homes ranging from single pods up to multi-level residential apartment buildings, Nova Deko has become a pioneer in pre-fabricated housing, with a focus on functional design, quality and sustainability.

Nova Deko manufactures most of the major components of the modular homes including all kitchen and bathroom fixtures. By having complete control over the full production process we ensure the quality of materials, workmanship and finishes in all our homes are first class.

We have built thousands of modular homes across the globe throughout the years, from single 20-foot modules to large commercial projects, including school accommodations and hotels. We have many pods on display in Foshan, China which are available to anyone upon request.