We manufacture all of our homes in our own controlled factory with a diverse team of trained experts. Going modular has a much shorter construction time and lower costs compared to conventional housing. We’ve researched and developed hundreds of pods over the years, leading us to our new innovative residential range which is available world wide.


Our controlled production environment not exposed to the elements, allows us to build with precision and accuracy, guaranteeing you a stronger, better-built home.



Our pre built homes are made to last. Every module has a robust, heavy-duty steel frame specifically designed to withstand the rigours of shipping and transportation. The steel frame provides your home with considerable structural strength, as well as integral termite resistance, so it will have a far longer life cycle and be able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, including earthquakes.


Our pods are easily transportable across the world as they are made from container shells. The pods are securely protected in transit with loose items inside strapped down and all external glass covered with timber. We’ve sent them as far north as Iceland and all the way down into remote places in Southern Australia without a problem. All you need is a truck which can transport containers, a crane to place them on the foundations and site accessibility. We can help you along the way!

Energy efficiency

We build our homes to the highest environmental standards, to minimise your energy consumption and reduce your power costs. All external walls and ceilings have integrated insulation (R1.5 to walls and R3.5 to ceilings).  Additionally, the windows and glass sliding and bi-fold doors are double glazed using toughened 5mm glass.

Time savings

We can usually build and deliver your new house far more quickly than is possible with traditional construction methods, so you could be moving into your new home within just a few months. For maximum speed and efficiency, it is best to obtain local authority approvals and undertake site works while your home is in production.

Cost savings

Our pods are an affordable alternative to traditional housing, without the risk of unexpected extra costs or construction delays. We build your home in our controlled factory environment and are able to accurately predict our costs and take advantage of economies of scale; savings which we pass directly onto you. Your site costs also will be lower as your pre built home requires minimal footings and site preparation compared to a conventional home.

Environmental responsibility

Our progressive, refined manufacturing techniques ensure that almost all waste from the manufacturing of each home is recycled or used again. Nova Pod is an environmentally sensitive company which strives to increase productivity and efficiency, and simultaneously reduce the carbon footprint associated with every home we manufacture.

Simple foundations

Our pods can be supplied with pre-fitted adjustable steel posts making installation on pad footings simple, quick and economical. As the posts are adjustable, the homes are prefect for sloping sites.

Termite resistance

As the homes are steel framed, elevated on steel piers and without any structural timber in the construction, the homes are termite resistant.  The exposed steel piers also provide a means of visual inspection to check for any bridging by termites.

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