Step one

01. Preliminary research

Below is a checklist to help you gain a better understanding of what’s involved in planning for a modular home. Planning will speed up the application and make the process much smoother.

  • Contact your local authorities to find out the regulations regarding prebuilt homes in your area
  • Contact a local builder or competent tradesman to discuss service connections (plumbing and electricity)
  • Seek advice with a sea freight company/customs broker to receive cost effective information on logistics.
  • Make sure your site is safe and easily accessible by trucks and cranes.
  • If you’re applying for a loan, make sure it’s approved prior to an agreement

Please note: Each country has specific requirements which we will supply compliant materials. However, we take no responsibility for your country legislation or compliance. This must be correctly researched and documented prior to an agreement. Many countries do not require certification for pods under a certain size. Currently we have certification for Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, New Guinea, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and US material compliance only.

Step two

02. Costing your Pod

Our standard pre built homes are listed under ‘Products’, with prices shown in USD. Once you have identified the home that meets your needs, simply select it along with any options that you wish to purchase in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page. Should you require multiple homes or commercial enquiries, please contact us for more information.

Our prices are for the pod only and do not include costs such as shipping, port handling fees, local authority fees and insurance.  We can assist you with local customs brokers to make the process easier.

Step three

03. Supply agreement

Should you wish to proceed with the purchase, instead of selecting quotation, please choose ‘purchase’. You will then be asked to provide full details (purchaser’s name, address, contact particulars, destination country, delivery address, shipping port in China, etc). This information will be used to generate a Supply Agreement, which you can then print, scan and send to Nova Pod along with the required deposit.

Upon receipt, Nova Pod will endorse the agreement and send back to the purchaser together with a receipt for the deposit. At the same time, the purchaser will be given login details allowing them access to the backend of the website which contains information such as detailed plans and specifications as well as useful information about the installation of the pre built home.

Step four

04. Payment

Payments will be required at different points in the buying process, as follows:







Shipping and delivery

As mentioned, this is the responsibility of the buyer unless prior arrangements are made with Nova Pod. Our pre built homes are normally transported to the port at Shenzhen. Insurance will be the responsibility of the customer once the home leaves the factory.


During the production process, you may want to undertake all the preparatory steps so that the pods can be installed immediately upon delivery to site. This will include the necessary local authority approvals, site preparation, foundations, services (water, electricity and sewerage). You will also need to arrange for a crane to lift the pods onto the foundations.


All Nova Pod pre built homes come with a 5-year structural warranty.

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