Preliminary Research

What are the benefits of Nova Deko Modular prefabricated homes?

NovaPods are built in a controlled factory environment. This allows for a shorter construction time, task specialisation, greater accuracy, no downtime due to bad weather, more efficient use of resources and less wastage. All this results in a superior quality product at the lowest possible cost. Importantly, Nova Deko is the manufacturer. There is no-one in between to inflate the price, so you would be buying factory direct at the lowest possible price.

What local approvals are required for the homes?

This will vary between countries. Purchasers should make their own enquiries with the relevant local authorities before purchasing to ensure the homes meet local requirements and to determine the appropriate approval processes.

Can the modules be stacked to create a multi-level home or building?

Our homes have been used in multi-level buildings in Australia, Sweden, Norway & Germany. Each module has integrated frames designed for stacking and are ideal for that purpose.

What is the difference between a Nova Deko Modular home and a kit home?

NovaPods are supplied complete with all internal fixtures and fittings, wall lining, ceiling, windows, doors, etc. already installed. Typically, kit homes are supplied flat packed for the purchaser to fully assemble on site.

Are the homes termite resistant?

As the homes are steel framed, elevated on steel piers and without any structural timber in the construction, the homes are termite resistant. The exposed steel piers also provide a means of visual inspection to check for any bridging by termites.

Are NovaPods suitable for cold climates?

Yes, although additional measures will be necessary to cater for the internal / external temperature differences to avoid issues relating to condensation. For cool climates, it is recommended that an energy recovery system be installed. Additonal upgrades included triple glazing to windows and external glass doors together with heavy duty insulation.

Choosing your NovaPod

What are the standard module sizes for Nova Deko Modular?

Our two standard designs are 12m x 2.4m and 12m x 3.4m, however we can also produce pods with dimensions: 6m x 2.4m and 6m x 3.4m.

What flexibility do I have in the home design?

Standardisation is essential in order to achieve economies of scale. Normally, the production of ‘one-off’ designs is not economical. As a general rule, the greater the quantity of a particular design, the lower the price. Nova Deko can customise designs provided they are within our standard module sizes and multiple units are required.

Can I choose the finishes for the home?

There are some upgrade options for internal finishes. Please indicate your requirements on the Customer Enquiry/Requisition Form.

Can I have solar panels fitted?

At this stage, solar panels will need to be retrofitted by the purchaser after delivery of the home. In time we may supply a range of sustainability options for our homes.

Ordering your new NovaPod

How do I order a new NovaPod

Once you have selected the model that suits your needs, please complete the Customer Enquiry/Order Form and submit, as shown. One of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you.


What are the purchasing and payments processes?

Homes are ordered online upon payment of a 20% deposit, via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or similar. The balance must be paid before the home can be shipped to your site.

Shipping & Delivery

What countries will Nova Deko Modular deliver modular home to?

NovaPods can be supplied to any country that has a port capable of handling shipping containers. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the homes are suitable for the purpose and comply with any relevant local building standards.

How are the homes transported?

Our homes are built to international standard sizes for shipping containers so they can be shipped worldwide and transported within destination countries by road and in some cases, by rail. The homes are shipped to the nearest major port then transported to site. Purchasers will need to have made prior arrangements for transport and a crane to be on hand when the home arrives, to offload and position the home.

How soon can I have the home shipped?

Production will commence following payment of the deposit, subject to the production scheduling constraints at the time. The anticipated production time for your home will be advised prior to ordering.


What site preparation is required before delivery of the home?

The extent of site preparation, including foundations, will depend upon site conditions. Normal services (water, power and sewage) will be required and purchasers are advised to make these arrangements prior to delivery of the home. It is also important that suitable access be available for a truck and crane.

Can NovaPods be placed directly on the ground.

NovaPods should not be positioned directly on the ground. When delivered the pods should be either installed immediately or placed on blocks to allow air circulation underneath. If placed on the ground, moisture can be absorbed through the flooring and possibly create condensation issues.

Can I install a NovaPod on a sloping block?

Absolutely! In fact this is a major benefit of Nova Deko’s steel framed homes. Our standard designs are supplied with fold-down legs that are adjustable to cater for uneven sites. It is advisable to engage an engineer to design the footings and determine the tie-down and bracing needs taking into account geographical and geotechnical conditions and relevant local authority requirements. Adequate access and work space needs to be available on site for the haulage vehicle and crane, which will be the purchaser’s responsibility to check.

Warranty & Maintenance

What warranties apply to the home?

A 10 year structural guarantee applies to the frame while internal fixtures have a 12 months warranty.

If something is broken in transit or doesn’t work upon delivery, how can I have it repaired or replaced?

When the house is delivered to site it is advisable to engage a builder to install the home and at the same time to make any necessary adjustments arising from movements during transportation. Our modular homes are strengthened for shipping and transportation and port handling. However, it is possible that minor defects may occur during transit (such as cracks in tiles and cornice joints or marks on external cladding during port handling and transportation). Most of these can be rectified with minimal effort by the builder or a competent tradesperson. In the unlikely event that something more serious occurs, please contact Nova Deko.  Internal fixtures have a 12 months warranty. If anything is damaged during transit, please send particulars to Nova Deko within 7 days of delivery along with photographs and any comments from the builder.

Is condensation a problem with NovaPods?

Condensation is caused when water vapour comes into contact with cold surfaces and condenses to form dampness or water droplets. Warm air holds more water vapour than cool air, so condensation is more common in cooler climates when homes are internally heated.

Many things can contribute to the amount of water vapour in a home, such as a clothes dryer, taking showers or baths and cooking, the materials present in the home and even people breathing. Condensation can be a problem in any building, particularly in modern buildings that are better insulated and more air-tight in order to minimise energy wastage. As a result, water vapour is trapped inside the home and only becomes evident when the disparity between external and internal temperatures occur.

To prevent condensation, particularly in cooler climates, all homes should be allowed to breathe through ventilation or mechanical extractors.




Heavy duty steel frames with corrugated high strength steel external panels; heavy gauge steel joists, bearers and corner posts.


Heavy duty steel frames with corrugated high strength steel external panels; heavy gauge steel joists, bearers and corner posts.

Windows/External Entrance Doors

Double glazed tempered 5mm glass to aluminium framed windows and glass sliding doors.

Internal Walls, Ceilings & Doors

Steel framing with set plasterboard lining; timber architraves and door sets; flush panel timber veneer internal doors; 3 coat premium paint system to internal walls.


Applied flexible floor coating.


Square edged reconstituted quartz stone bench tops with 2-pac finish &/or veneer finish to kitchen cupboards.


Wall Mounted 2-pac single bowl vanity; Deluxe 3-Star WELS rated “wall Faced’ vitreous china wall hung toilet suite with soft closing seat & lid; moulded shower recess with semi-frameless glass; quality tapware and accessories.


Energy efficient LED light fittings throughout; power outlets, phone data & television points; internal switchboard; prewired for air conditioning.


Electric appliances including cooktop, oven and range-hood; hot water system.